He said, she said; then it all went bad.

Didn’t have to go down like that.., never does.., but always will.

“It can’t be stopped!”

Can’t get out the way in time.., always too late.., not like, stunned by headlights.., more like, slowed narcotic nonchalance.., dosed indifference..,

See it coming, watch it happen, and when it’s all over, it’s like;
“Oh, yeah.., That’s fucked up..,”

And, “Never saw it coming..,” is shared among friends and family; while seeking solace as a victim or just a couch to sleep on, as accountability is sure to sour in the stomach.., and is advised against.

“Why swallow that?”

But it’s never gone this far, what’s the cops going to think.., they’re going to want to pin this on someone.., anyone.., as long as it sticks.

“It’s just life playing itself out, man.., programmed destiny.., bad data..,

“Could just as easily been her.”

Puppet masters lose out to their own demons.., and the puppets’ confounded performance long past compromised is no longer legit.., bougie nonsense played to a shifting audience that came out for blood..,

And fuck the subtext and meta-nuance.., someone got to hang tonight; or has justice, once again, been forsaken.

Burn the house to the ground and let the tweekers to the ashes.., some ether will bring it right back to life..,

Cause that’s, not, what was advertised..,

Guaranteed that shit at half-off, thirty minutes before the show, for season-pass holders.., getting paid for seats that can’t be sold cause they found commercial-free wi-fi.., whoever they are..,

And the magic has been exposed through DIY videos so everyone can know how to do everything if they ever find the time.., time to watch the video exposing time, the matrix, illusion, the illuminati.., black magick.

So they pluck an eyelash, make a wish, and with a desperate blow send it towards the desert winds.., and it comes back, weathered- beaten and torn, and hardly worth the effort.

Mumbling, mumbling, what’s it all about.., people stumbling, stumbling.., and tripping like poisoned cockroaches looking to sleep it off.

Fuck it..,

The sun, did, come out today..,

Let, This, be all that matters.


© 2018 by Stephen Ian McNaught