So this purple mother fucker is walking down the road. Purple because - it's believed - nobody is bothered by purple people; even the most ignorant cracker while defending his beliefs with old testament bigotry; can be heard proclaiming his allegiance for purple people; “... white, black; man I don’t care if the mother fucker is purple!”




So this purple mother fucker, believing he looked good in green jeans and two-tone kicks, is walking down the white-lined road on his way to a Purple People’s Cultural Fair which he believed was at the Red Bull Church of Christ cause that's where he believed it should be; but was actually at the Silver Bullet Tabernacle’s Basement across town; when he was spotted by four rednecks in a piss-colored pick-up truck with a yellow nylon rope stashed under the brown-stained seat; believing they were on their way to Bingo Nite at the Black & Decker United Union Busting Union Hall with a sign outside that reads “Orange You Glad You Came.”

I don’t care what you believe, four rednecks, one purple mother fucker and a yellow rope in the same place at the same time.., things are going to turn blue.

The four rednecks in the piss-colored pick-up were able to catch the purple mother fucker off-guard cause the latter believed the former “don’t care if a mother fucker is purple.” This purple mother fucker was dead wrong.

As the committed comrades strung him up to the closest tree with the highest branch; they flashed-on the sting of a spoiled Bingo Nite, and stood dumbfounded and in disbelief over their recent actions running contrary to their most fundamental belief - that they don’t care if a mother fucker is purple – which to this day they still believe to be true.

It is said; to be completely, truly and unconditionally happy one must be free of discriminate thought. This is not a belief but in a make believe world.



© 2012 by Steve McNuttin