Oh shit, a blank page
Time to tell some lies
Layered stories in disguise
Need to excite and enrage
Forget we all locked-up in a cage.

Caged by our own minds
Navigating with uncertainty
Might as well be blind
But who has got the key
Who has got the time.

Going to turn on T.V. - gain some insight
Shit comes on bright with fright
Seed the bleed.., Satan’s delight.

Gonna write some words about
Blue skies..,
The Swallow’s Cries
And all this shit the critics will despise..,
Time to shut up - Time to get wise.

Gotta create conflict.
That’s the billion dollar trick.
Something no one can afford
The economy floored -
Hold it all hostage
P.R. and bondage -
Psychopaths hope to be adored..,

Gotta create something out of nothing
Take perfection - make it disgusting.
Maybe the ending - with any luck
Heads explode over some bi-sexual fuck.

The Hero's Journey - Are you Worthy
Reaching out beyond the light
Seeing shit that’s out of sight
Gonna grab it
Bring it back like gold
Shine the rewind
Whore it out to be sold.

Gotta get paid
Need it to get laid
Pretend to be somebody
Not just anybody
Top of the charts
Loved by everybody..,
Of course It’s all pretend;
But the shit’s got to get bloody;
Make for a good study;
One nobody will bother to understand.


© 2021 by Leroy Madness