Blue moon up in the sky

So motherfuckers got to get high

Get the full effect - no regret

Let all inhibitions go unchecked.

Gonna meditate all night long

Whatever drug-du-jour and bamboo bong

All look to the heavens – breakout in song

Passed down through the ages by conscientious sages

Going to see the great-beyond from inside cages

And pretend to be free – be better than;

Pass all uncertainty – going to take a stand..,

But no better than the other man

Who showers in shame buried inside the game.

But this is greater, more than they can understand..,

So they tell the clan;

And for a dollar they get to holler

Let it all out with one big shout..,

What's it all about?

Gonna con-jure spirits to come and jack-you-off

But the bag’s a cheap knock-off

Leaves you with burnin urine and a bad cough.

It’s true they felt the Light

Measuring the height

Shut it down

Fronting the profound

Sell it by the pound..,

Thought it could be owned

Shit you think when you’re stoned

Shutter the priestess – bring out the clown.

When might turns to fright and

Salvation seems out of sight

When the ego steps in

Virtue turns to sin

Destined for the big spin

Always chasing that promised land

That you pay for - again and again.

To know yet not understand

Go in deep as you can

A mind that thinks clearly -

total recall - seriously vital -

Is a mind that clearly does not think at all.


© 2020 Leroy Madness