Seeking truth through lies

Seeking peace through war

OG. Orwell’s something ’84

The result should be of no surprise

Freedom monopolized

Shadowed by tomorrow knocking at the door

Got wise guys wondering what-the fuck-for..,

Knowledge through ignorance

Pushing modesty with arrogance

Pleasure through pain

Doin’ it again and again

Like broke-down insane

Check the pseudonym - same name - same game.

The control be bankrolled by a stolen payload

Incentivizing this acclaimed payroll -

Oversold - overcame, truly magnificent

The indoctrinated cajoled to enroll - refrain - and repent

Executive orders spent off the tongue of a decrepit serpent

Always been so its nothing new

The Lizard-people lookin crippled -

Dick shriveled by a decadent experiment

That no one believes to be true - the obvious simple -

They might even sue -

Time to review

Bound to get violent -

Reporting on a fraudulent government

Promises - at least - an extravagant punishment.

While affluent schools passing-through the most ignorant of fools

Motherfuckers drowning in petroleum

Chanting we shall overcome

Are taught to be that way - cheat, steal, Own the day

Learn to bend, break, destroy and ignore the rules

Graduate to become the most elite of tools.

Gotta get the hook-up - the connection

Cause it’s not what - but whom you know

For the answers in exchange for some premium blow

Cause, as you know, it’s all about protection

While over-micro-dosing processed snake venom

Just another privileged hoodlum

Self-serving and on-demand

Pushing ritual individualism with enthusiasm

Don’t even understand.

Wake up - hung-over sick -

Shot of meth - flips it quick

Just one more cheap-ass trick

Ready for another session jackin’ possession

Add to the collection - gets a crooked erection..,

But shit gets bricked as the boss is a half-wit

Doesn’t understand the politics - When

Negotiation turns to interrogation

Seeking adoration leads to aggravation while dodging accusations.

Locked-up in isolation -

Nothing left but uninspired masturbation

Anti-climatic ejaculation

Empty ecstasy - dead-end destiny

Where’s the adulation - where’s the compensation.

Instead a burn-out from too much complication.


© 2022 Leroy Madness