The booze bottles clanked,

Old lady got pranked,

Last shit I wrote tanked.

Thoughts beyond imagination..,

Too bold without the motivation.

Without the dream.., just obscene.

Pretentious rhyme

Comes off like bullshit every time.

Looking for fame and fortune - pop distortion..,

Treasure hunt; P.R. stunt.., always need it upfront.


Embrace the corruption; for a bigger production…,

Shellfish piss and Tantric bliss..,

But the bigger the erection; the bigger the infection.


Sold my soul;

Left a growing hole

I fill with a shrinking bankroll;

And glycol pills buried in the chicken casserole.

Why can’t they see;

Why can’t they recognize me.

Narcissistic trap; lazy crap.

Sometimes I forget; Thinking it all legit..,

Comes off like a song;

With no melody and not very long.


Swallow it whole then induce

Nothing left to lose..,

All about show-and-tell..,

Expelled by the keepers.., a rude farewell

Without a coat, ain’t no joke.

Cause the shit will provoke -

Educate - Elevate - Fascinate;

Deemed - Not Appropriate - for normal folk.



© 2020 Leroy Madness