Bombs exploding in the distance

Such horror becoming persistent and insistent

Lost the house..,

Poorhouse - Jailhouse

Now living in a tent

Can’t afford any rent - the misery be consistent.

But what kind of life you expect

When you elect a scandalous government -

Fraudulent and incompetent by design

Reluctant and redundant

But it’s the truth and an easy rhyme.

What happened to all your heroes

Petty gods turned to zeros

Lost it on-demand; and in commercials.

Sold out souls to deliberate - integrity to obliterate

To frustrate and incinerate

Tore up the contract

Rules on how to interact

Regardless of fact; left to speculate..,

Speculate to educate - kill the debate and dictate -

Disasters to create.

While fools be baited by phony mail-in rebates

Next stage about to activate

Where even more morons be made great

Using the big screen to sedate -

Critical thinking cells; addicted to the bells

Goes for what sells; as it all goes to hell.

Manufactured for show-and-tell; set

To foretell and celebrate a twisted fate

Meant to fascinate - predicted to dominate;

Gotta syndicate..,

Religion to control as it was foretold

Poor souls trying to climb out a hole

Gives them something to follow

That is sure to just bring more sorrow.

Nothing new because it has always been

Trying to become something other than

Playing the victim - a loser’s wisdom

Hiding behind a secure pseudonym.

All throughout history frontin’ bullshit glory

Makes for a good story - claimed firsthand.

It’s a miracle humanity has survived itself

Dying over imagined and manufacture threats,

Suicide - Genocide

Killing over bad-beat bets

Man wanting to murder man.., from the other clan

One and the same just goes by another name

But ignorance can’t understand

Growing fat in a force-fed fantasyland

Revelation comes as planned

So you do as you are programmed

And join the ranks of the hopelessly damned.

But nobody want to hear all that.., Fools

Tripping over the diplomat who was a plutocrat

Married to a technocrat

Used to be a Republican - now a Democrat

Need to chill - try an edible

Cause, in fact..,

Truth and all that can be a real Buzzz-Kill!


© 2022 Leroy Madness