Conflict of interest
Will your integrity pass the test
Because they sure haven’t
Those whom you trusted
And made authority
Come out flat busted
But un-noticed by the majority
As they squash the voices of a lucid minority
Promotes depravity - indulges vanity
The truly sacred becomes profanity;
Not all but some - as anyone can be dumb -
Dropping wisdom till kingdom come
Given currency would be filling stadiums to capacity -
Help to save humanity -
But we haven’t a word
That could even be heard
Which leads to even more insanity.

The message from his last breath
Before he lost it to a slow death
Had put too much faith in doctors and clergy
Sapped his energy - even as he hit his knees
Praying - Obeying
Then let doctors do as they please..,
Vampire dialysis - goes into paralysis
Cuz it was all based on a bullshit hypothesis
And even after repeated pleas
No one willing to stand-up as a trusted witness
Shoved-up a well-greased ass with ease
Finds the compassion no more than tease.


© 2022 Leroy Madness