Winds you up to break you down

Lost all touch

Forgot it was even around

Till it got you by the neck

Squeezing it to death

Out goes a last breath

As the world turns blue

Singing a different tune

Coming soon.., despised and reprised

Comes at you in another disguise

One you won’t recognize

As the old dies

Eulogized by sponsored cries

Very few even to survive

Or so they say

Heard it the other day

Riding-on some rumor floating around The Bay

Before it sank into dismay

But you think - that’s ok -

Couldn’t figure it out anyway..,

No room to exist even for just another day

Nothing left to say.

Now with nothing left to eat

So tired can’t even stand on your feet

Clinging to memories can be sweet

But it’s all in the past

Corrupted treat - bad beat

Now only to harass - as pleasure turns to pain

Cause same plane, same game - different name

That can’t afford any more fame

As it exposes even more shame..,


And the magic is spoiled

Confusion embroiled

Self-controlled stranglehold;

Putting up a proper front - a P.R. stunt -

Something at least bold

When in fact - it’s lonely, it’s cold.

But you Did-Do as you were told;

So there’s that.

© 2022 Leroy Madness