Drowning in confusion;

Spiritual contusion;

Mental delusion..,

Respect the institution.


All that said

And still we end up dead.

It's in the contract

Along with guidelines on how to act.

The re-write; the Script

Teaching us all to behave..,

To look hip;


So we push on and on going nowhere fast

But bullshit motivation is not going to last.

If you want to see your future; look to your past

Where you find history erased

Propagandized - just copy and paste -

Usual lies gathered in haste

Telling you to be very afraid;

Intelligence disgraced..,


But chill;

Got you covered with this rainbow colored pill

To be taken in the dark of night when shit gets tight

Where shadows be shifting in and out of sight

When you figure all that's wrong ain't necessarily right..,

But it's just the fools and tools


Sensual sabotage;

Mind-numbing camoflage..,

Evil acting out in perpetuity; hypocritical gratuity.

We're talking fractured foundation – the original sin

Sins of the past hidden to last, protects the demons buried within

As exorcised escapees; nightly creep

Seek asylum under thin skin.., slummin' on the cheap.

Sinister scam selling by the milligram

But go ahead and blame it on the other man

Where casting shame is just part of the game.

But the players been played

The pimps are the whores

Masters forced to obey

Bargaining our lives in for-profit wars.

Cause as it is below so it is above

Sending the sensitive to suicide

Just ignore the cries;

Need a double-double with extra fries -

Half-off and Super-Sized -

Cause it's never enough;

Always need more stuff..,

For this market of greed to thrive.

The Truth offered only offends

But this shit's been exposed..,

A dead end.

For even the blind can see..,

All of the

Depression, the uncertainty

Time for some intervention

Bring it into the mix

One or two sessions

The Exorcist gets his fix.


© 2020 Leroy Madness