Searching for ego-inflating purpose
Creating a malicious and truly bizarre circus
Complete with addicted clowns seized by sadism
Bozo meth-ed to death/high on capitalism;
Arrogant and righteous - crowd gettin anxious -
Takes to the podium in a sold-out stadium
Where only the purest of blood will be welcome..,

Message confused yet not so random
Something to distract - not too abstract -
Fronted as fact -
At least to ease the boredom
Cuz in fact - It’s all an act - liqueur-laced virtual opium..,

Try and count the scars - Hundred clowns emerging
From two identical electric cars 
Best bit so far.
Upstaged by Tweedeldee and Tweedeldum
Who tumble ‘round and ‘round with no apparent outcome.
Crowd now delirious as they take themselves too serious
Are informed by market opinion that succeeds less than seldom..,
Tells you, Truth, will mislead and give you diabetes
Manufactured slave-mind-masculinity - Pushin’ moral ambiguity -
Everyone agrees..,

“Smart” becomes the new Dumb
Fingers tingle - brain goes numb
Making trouble even more troublesome
Vacant wisdom easily succumbs
To ads encouraging Digital Martyrdom..,
Marketed as revolutionary - didn’t check the beneficiary -
Details just too damn bothersome.
Didn’t stop to realize -
Comes as no surprise
The evidence was all based on lies
The deception, complimentary - jackin’ popularity -
Promising solidarity..,
Just before everything gets locked-down;
Complete with a predictably disastrous outcome.


© 2023 Leroy Madness