The Boomer's Blues

Got nothing left to choose

Confused and accused

Nothing left to refuse


Time passes by

Sits around

Stares at stale photos

And cries

All the shit - never even tried -

Just might fuck around and die.

Led by the nose; chose not to know

Now too sick; brain too fried

Legacy denied.


T.V. commercials and PSA's say;

Nine-to-five is the life

Don't be deprived

Silk and lace for the wife..,

But now got to work eighteen a day

Even more for the big give-away

Just to exist - just to survive

Eat, shit, and repeat...,

As you go in and out of sleep.


Now you woke

Half froze from that last stroke

Medical bills make you go broke -

Even worse than 80's coke;

Cheated by the corrupt;

Judgment served; cold and abrupt

The pills get stuck.., you choke.


Paying for a health you cannot afford

Motherfuckers banging at the door

It's the marshals with the landlord

Pump you hard; save your breath

Convicted and evicted..,

Live long enough; get to starve to death.


Watching memories sold -

Pennies on the dollar

That birthday card from your daughter

When she was five years old

They threw in the trash

Wasn't worth any cash

Just like your pension..,

Just after the last big crash.


Go vote for Hope and Change

Cause we goin' make it all Great Again

Like last time and the time before that..,

But you still starvin'.., While they get fat.


© 2020 Leroy Madness