The celebrated sellouts desperate
for a commercial bailout..,
And movie deal handout, guaranteed
for popular appeal.., no doubt;
Will need to get paid-in-full well before
the anticipated fall-out.

Desire reigns as reason resigns..,
Just hit your mark and say your lines.
Shedding tears on command; tragic by design..,
Scheming screaming hysterics; gets ‘em every time.

Peddling influence; representing desperate affluence;
Continuous, and conspicuous; predictably promiscuous;
While keeping it.., criminally ambiguous..,



The collective mind, seduced and reduced;

Deep-state talent whoring for a rating boost;

Cabbage-Patch Dolls pushing artificial produce.

Produce and cheese-like cheese;

Consume as much as you please.

Got to eat all the way to the bottom for the freebies;

The heebies and the jeebies..,

Seen it on T.V.; but it will give you the herpes;

And other nasty scars you try and hide in the bad lighting of the corner bar.


Perfumed puke and pungent piss;

Locks you in on a ride you can’t afford to miss.

Next train not for a couple hours;

After the thunder, after the showers;

And after they leveled the towers.

But not before they got you for all you’re worth

In exchange for a promise answered nowhere on earth.

Cause none of it means anything..,

The flash going to blind even the most obscene.

Caught in a collapsing perspective –

Like an excited nerve; painfully objective.

Need something more potent – more effective.


Reserve the right to refuse to anyone we choose..,

Based off nonsense and the need to deflect and accuse.

A fanciful display that too will betray.

The Russian Roulette of shame..,

Will you be exposed dodging the blame;

The emptiness of fame;

The Choice is made, and it has come up lame.


© 2020 Leroy Madness