If You look

But can't see

You will not find

But corrupted opportunity;

Might as well be blind -

Absolutely; Arbitrarily ..,

Blindly stumbling through

A hot but not so novel of a book

About some deadline detective

And a subjective crook who got all it took

Before defecting to another time - undetected;

With a billion hooked by the same crime -

Plot and character copied line-by-line

Integrity neglected - Wisdom rejected -

Subprime paradigm accepted.

Rationality gets shook – inhale deep then puke

Needin to be rid of it - comedy split

The shine and the slime

Something only You can afford to forget

Maybe on the next trip,.,

Definitively sublime - but it's just a bit;

Combined and confined

Cuz You flat busted - haven’t got a dime

Doesn’t matter.., but just a bit;

Still think You gonna figure It - before next time.


© 2021 Leroy Madness