Of course I wouldn’t..,

I’d never do That..,

I’ll never do That - Again..,

I gotta stop doing That..,

I should/shouldn’t..,

Fuck it.

That’s how it ends

Looped-through nonsense

Fuck it.

Again and again to the bitter end

I should/shouldn’t have another drink

Fuck it.

I should/shouldn’t swallow more pills

Fuck it.

I should/shouldn’t slam more junk

Fuck it.

Snapped by the midnight snack

Smacked by a vicious attack

But this will be the last time

If I’m cryin’ I’m lyin’

- twenty minutes later -

Needs more glow

Fuck it.

And down I goes

Fuck it.

Floating around with psychos

Nothin seems legit

Lacking the proper supplement

Fuck it - is what I meant..,

While shit going all techno

Got distracted by the neon sideshow

But you know its just a bit

Hardly legend - just pretend

Going to condemn -

I should/shouldn’t -

Will consent to whatever extent..,

Fuck it.

Let’s do it again and again till the bitter end.


© 2022 Leroy Madness