Modern times described by ancient rhymes..,

Leaves everyone confused

Which way to turn - what to do

Seems no matter which way you lose.

Programmed dumb and blind

With everything compromised

Reality mesmerized - a new-old paradigm

Everyone clowned about a heavenly sign.

But its been and gone - even while still around

Been hiding it underground

Invading dreams - but

To remain forever unseen -

Certainly to confound;

Insanity becomes routine.

Everyone walking around like hypnotized

Caught in the glare of a digital stare

Soul laid bare - Nothing recognized.

Uptown, downtown - Hellbound..,

Comes off as advertised; only to

Justify, rationalize and tantalize

Such bullshit now to sympathize

Evil energized

Embracing the most heinous of crimes.


© 2022 Leroy Madness