If it wasn’t for something it would be nothing and if not for nothing there’d be nothing to worry about. So I guess that’s what she means when I ask if something is wrong and she says “nothing” like it was something, because nothing means something when something is really nothing.

But this time it was a two-headed monster; that sounds like something. But the doctors said it was nothing; but anyone that knows something; know doctors, know nothing.

Nothing about conquering two-headed monsters, now that is really something. So they locked her up in drug rehab feeding her full of drugs - breaking something down into nothing.

And adjusting nothing into something.., something else just like everything else.., now to the exclusion of anything else. Anything that would suggest something about everything being nothing.., Cause her nothing was their something and her everything, their anything.., but they say it's really nothing.., and it'll all be alright.

Nothing but Deep-pocket produced paranoia.., They wanting everything except to be done like They themselves do, Of course They weren’t really two-headed but rather two-faced which could be considered figurative if it wasn’t so literal; and Who decides the something that leaves you nothing; but to wish for something..,

Something other than nothing.., not everything, just anything..,

Promises made; so they believe and no longer listen to anything but to everything they thought themselves to be. Believed in what they should be, to go from nothing to something.., Cause everyone wanted what They had so they gave Them all they had as a show of faith; which now should be its own reward.

Everything becoming something, becoming nothing, becoming..,

The masters in need of slaves found a need to be enslaved by a master – so they became their own master. Of course they knew this but believed they didn’t – mutual master-bation. So when their allusions solidified illusion..,  nothing becomes something.., when something is really a two-headed monster directed from the clouds..,

Like she said. 



© 2017 Leroy Madness