Gotta clean this

Gotta wash that

Bring this in

Take that out

Put this over here

And that over there

Gotta maintain the wear and tear

That goes on round the clock

Year after year..,

Monotony makes for a bad economy

Melancholy conformity lacking harmony.

Getting incidentally ambitious and industrious

Desires especially luxurious

Plant the seed fill the need

Along came Weed.., and Beer

Like a crutch and used as such

Helps to mitigate fear - but to irritate career

Just trying to

Get through the crusade without a tear.

Running, running all through the day

Senses spinning off into night

Numb growing dumb

Relief remains out of sight.

Even before you make the buy

The shit they push starts to die

Much like you and I

The material world

Get what you deserve

Perjured by karma served

Unnerved - undone - overcome -

Mind gets sprung -

Buying the secret sauce at a disturbed cost

With plastic surgery - the old die young.

Wondering why and when

After but not before

When none becomes begun-

Then worrisome

Oh the horror - invites torture -

Including irrational bowel syndrome

Bringing us to kingdom come..,

With a totally absurd outcome.

But the plastic makes it fresh only to grow old

Pretend it’s warm when it’s bitterly cold

Breaking it down decay abounds

With the help of drugs to delay

But the inevitable compounds

Like a growing disease with treatment -

Failure magnificent and extravagant

No cure - the science not so sure

The equivalent less than insignificant..,

The ignorant stands proud of their lack of achievement.


© 2022 Leroy Madness