Shit be so ill

Can’t treat it with a pill

Got holes you need to fill

Running up an expensive bill;

Just for the thrill; and the industry.

Where’s the compassion; where’s the remedy?

Blew it all on a hard life

Could’ve been easy., dreamy., just peachy -

But it was helter skelter - a stabbing knife;

Penetrating straight through to the heart

Bad for whomever; great for the art.

Down low; some time ago..,

Busy scraping up weed for the evening’s variety show;

Got the freaks and clowns

Sinister smiles flashin’ on desperate frowns

And other hard-luck boys from out of town

Comin’ in for fame and fortune - a little extortion;

Got bought-off by the hounds.

Cause fuck authority.., elevate to a higher priority

Slim Jim blew his mind on Krishna and vanity

Didn’t give a hoot till he lost his loot., and sanity


Searching for his foot..,

Seems he had an extra boot;

One he didn’t recognize; had to dress up in disguise;

Till the rabbit died..,

And Sister Sally blew his cover.

Sister was an old jealous lover;

And the cries were lies

But the brother would never ever recover.

Comedy relief; just for show.

Jonsin' desperately for a daily dose.

Now.., Breaking..,

Streaming Live from the Whipping Post:

Jill was nothing but a ghost

Ever since the rape;

Hung herself south of skid row;

With justice buried in red tape.

The cop escaped off to the coast..,

Donny, her little brother, will be missed the most.

And that is real.., kid crying himself to sleep

Now wets his bed thinking of his sister dead

Cause that shit runs deep.

Kidnapped by the feds

Was the last we heard of Fred

Haunted and hunted over graffiti

But they white-washed it off completely

Could've exposed the liability.., the greedy.

Stan was shot by the Klan

They wore badges

Mistaken for The Man.

Found out too late

One and the same

Too ignorant for shame


Loved ones buried in vain.

Abandoned shadows of brutal beatings

Memory fleeting..,

Political disorder; and sanctioned murder

Can’t take it much further..,

The names bear repeating.

But what can we do

Feeling too damn blue

How do we turn this around

Billion dollar committee will astound..,

But the solution - right in your face;

Go in deep and touch base

If you wanna make this world a better place

Take a look at yourself and., make the change

The Man in the Mirror

Couldn't be easier;

Beat the Creature

And the hype of mainstream noise

It wasn't Michael Jackson who fucked those boys.

Shit can't get much clearer.


© 2020 Leroy Madness