“The phone; the phone; somebody get the damn phone!”

“The phone?”

“Yeah; answer the phone!”

“I didn’t think the phone even worked. It won’t charge.”

“Well something is ringing! What the fuck!”

And suddenly it stopped.

“Who was it?”

“Was what?”

“On the phone. Who was calling?”

“Nobody. The phone is dead.”

“So nobody called on a dead phone?”

“I don’t know. I didn't answer it.”

“But why would nobody be calling on a phone that doesn’t even work?”

“Well nobody knows that phone doesn’t work.”

“How would nobody know. I didn’t even know. Who have you given that number to?”




“That would explain it..,
Why the hell don’t you get it fixed?”

“Cause nobody calls on that phone.”

“I wonder what nobody wants?”

“Nobody knows what nobody wants.”

“So why would nobody be calling us..,”

“I really don’t understand, the phone is just..,”

“I know.., shit yes.., trace the call.”

“Trace the call?”

“Yeah, it’s just the phone that’s dead… Right?... The line isn’t.”

Inquiries are made and after considerable deducing and reducing –
The source is revealed.

“Apparently nobody called us from the phone missing the handset.., upstairs; to the phone with the broken charger.., downstairs.”

“So in other words; nobody called from.., Inside The House!”


Chilling music from another room fosters feelings of suspense.., and just the thought.., Frightening.

So they reluctantly split up; cautiously searching the house; looking for nobody.

An hour later;

“Well I searched all the upstairs including walk-in closets and beneath the beds and nobody’s there.”



“Yeah; damn it; specifically where. The closets? Was nobody in the closets?”

”Yes. There’s nobody in the closets.”

“The beds? Is there nobody under the beds?”

“Yes, under the beds, too.”

“All the beds?”

“I found nobody under all the beds.”

“Well, shit. It’s an infestation.., an invasion.., an occupation; there’s nobody everywhere. Who can we call and..,”


Fuck it. Nobody’s going to listen., Cause nobody cares.”

“Nobody gets paid to care. Maybe we should just let it go.”

“There it is, again! Can’t you hear it?”


“The ringing! The phone; it’s ringing!”

“Man, that’s the T.V.”

“Damn. Thought I was losing my mind.”



© 2017 Martin "Marty" Quinn