Same thinking, same shit;

Blah, blah, blah..,

And more of it.

Want to find something interesting -

Important to say.

Look around for inspiration

And all I see is drama and dismay.

The way to heaven is through hell?

Oh pray tell..,

Some kind of hero’s journey..,

A timeless theory

Conquer the worry and the misery

And all will be just swell.

See the light, breathe the air;

Stare into the abyss.., if you dare.

Looking/listening for answers deep into history;

Shit been re-written so many times

Will confound the memory;

Inaccurate and contradictory;

Leaves unsolved but a gasping gripping mystery.

By tomorrow yesterday won’t even exist;

Are we still here.., check the list.

All this conflict and confusion

Motherfuckers going to get pissed.

The tattered veil of a grand illusion..,

Empirical evidence or just coincidence?

Plant the allusion; a forgone conclusion;

Play the confidence..,

Designed to ensure the dependence

Of a faithful obedience,

But it’s got to be here;

Don’t get seduced;

The truth conquers fear;

Don’t get screwed;

Listen to all those that said so;

Switch perspectives..,

Defeat the evil by focusing on the good.

© 2020 by Leroy Madness