That coat was shabby..,

Ideas are coming like a morning shit;
Fully struggling through in constipated fits;  
Poorly formed pellets and piss..,
The stench of bile, easier to flush than dismiss.

Foolishly planted some time ago -
Spread carelessly over barren soil -
This cerebral seed is slow to know.
But through persistent trial and tribulation..,.............. Little libation for the liberation
Spectral-peristalsis insists
And thanks for the salvation.

Questions now with an answer..,
The absolute answer – like god-smacked galore;
But now realize.., regardless of manner;
It has all been said before.

And it was bullshit!!


That coat was shabby..,
An abandoned hand me down from an unknown daddy.

Goes well with the checkered pants;
Sewn by a tailor from somewhere’s in France.

Got them cheap at the downtown Salvation Army..,
Donated by Chuck; an old alcoholic carney.

He was fixing to liquidate and die.
His liver and kidneys bout to say bye-bye.

Work and family had kept him busy;
Till the day he traded all in for a bottle of whiskey.
Long time and heavy hardship on the road.
Too much loneliness.., too much cold.
Passed-out under Zero Gravity..,
The spirits help to cope with the chill.., the depravity.

Could be daddy’s shabby - back-in-the-day - was even
shabby, for daddy.

© 2020 Leroy Madness