Cassandra cries - trying to expose the lies

The narrative revised


Reality misread - got too many people turning-up dead

Got ignored instead -

Doing something otherwise..,

Sanity repressed - brain like a memory-form mattress

Double-double and super-sized.

Sinking deep into the cerebral bowels

Looking for sinister and disturbing vowels

Telling a gory story about yesterday’s glory

A study to offend the intellectuals;

When it’s buried in a hurry - then -

Reported as contradictory growing derogatory

Before becoming anti-regulatory -

Don’t even know what that means - sounds obscene;

But the paradox is perfectly ordinary.

While it’s censored-out academic manuals

And is called-out and accused in biblical annuals

Reality becomes secondary as they take their shit seriously.

Ruth from Duluth

Complaining about the youth becoming even more uncouth

Got five kids and two jobs just trying to keep-up with the snobs

I mean we were bad but not that sad

Worrying about poor reviews

Structures lies to explain incorporated truths

Short any proof -

Fantasy supplies - the wind cries

As you recognize with surprise the vital clues

Criticize and dramatize but can’t visualize

Only to emphasize more bad news.

Lacking a certain etiquette

Shattered by all regret

What you got to forget

Old memories that must be refused

The mandatory becomes involuntary

Without choice there’s nothing left to choose;

And the gods pretend to be amused

About quantum physics’ deepening mystery

Sounds unconventional but when it’s all miserable

According to relativity there is no misery.

Heresy accused - knowledge misused - innocence abused;

T.V masses seduced by prices reduced ineffectually -

Depends on inventory - while interest rates become predatory

The cries fade into manufactured absurdity..,

Reality misread - people end-up dead

But isn’t That what She had always said?

Got ignored instead..,

Going for the big prize -

Profit maximized -

Forever chasing Madness in disguise.


© 2022 Leroy Madness