Opportunity knocks..,

Freedom rings..,

Think about that twice

Don’t mean a thing.

It’s just something to say –

Something to put on display..,

Maybe entice - make ‘em all talk.

But befuddled by a stubborn paradox

Groups about to walk.

They say it’s seriously devastating

Swear it be convincing;

Cause the buzz be persisting

Nagging and insisting..,

Leading to a drop in stock – confidence shifting.

Bring a fix into the mix - Bagful of tricks

And kicks - will take up a whole city block.

Break out the Singing Assassin -

Perform to reform –

Blastin' through a MIDI controlled voice box;

While mainlining cooked-up aspirin -

Feeling reborn -

Strained through dirty cotton socks.

Rush comes on strong - Belt out an angelic song..,

Won’t take long – Everything goes wrong;

Can't sing without the Thing - too Obscene.

School of Hard Knocks.., End up in detox..,

Salvation lost to a junked jukebox.


© 2021 Leroy Madness