ost in the smoke

Looking for the joke

Something to laugh at while going broke;

Some kinda life for normal folk.

But why, always got to go there

As most people don’t even care

About the house on fire

What does that have to do with

Losing fat and growing hair.

Find a liar to trick the buyer

Pushing interests rates higher and higher

Good for the economy - needs all that money;

On the contrary - seduced by bribery

Fool got played

Hoped to get paid without delay

Before it all came down

Everybody afraid

Going deep underground - Gagged and bound

Got nothing left to say.., anyway

Looking for something/anything heaven-sent and irrelevant

And tomorrow will be OK they promise as we pray

Looking for serenity meditating under a levitating tree

Should lead to ecstasy but that won’t be happening today.

But tomorrow.., yes tomorrow

The promise land - just hit send -

And be rid of all sorrow

End the distress in exchange for an email address -

Messaged from a YouTube Guru

Bastard VooDoo - a pretend Hindu

Hoping for a favored review

Acting blessed - Not stressed

Spiritual embargo at its best

Begging for another follow

To save a condo stuck in escrow

Needs a gig more fortunate than no-limit bingo.


But tomorrow.., yes tomorrow

Escape with ginseng and weed feeling freed

Pay back all that was borrowed

With new rules to follow - but just for today

That lasted till you got blasted

So chill and stay mellow

And do as They Say -

In harmony with your fellow-fellow

Seed the bleed

Take the dive into further decay

Obeying commands-with-demands over a shaky - 5G - satellite feed.


© 2022 Leroy Madness