Set the timer – lock and load

Sit back; light a smoke;

Get to see heads explode

Exclusively sponsored by a bad joke.

Motherfuckers on hands and knees

Like a rat to cheese

Chasin’ that gold –

Slidin’ into sleaze.

End up flashin’ ass on the boulevard;

Faded crease - Times getting hard

Desperate - Lookin’ to please

Need to jump on that before it gets too old

With nothin’ left.., but inflated tales to be told.

Still fiscal expertise bought no guarantees;

Leading to a drop in credit

Stuck in debit

Feeling the squeeze - lookin' pathetic;

"Ain't no tease" even without a lease

Makes the deal, Time will inherit.

But it was survived – beat the game –

Broken and cheated - memory fleeting -

Justified - Still alive.

Gonna write a book -

"Hook or Crook"

Get a new look

All it took; makin' it beautiful and bold

Confounded glory

Forget the despair; forget about the cold

Bury the contrary – flashback controlled.

Instead exposed by fame –

Now going insane

Death comes a-creepin’

Feedin’ on misery and cries

Disease-ridden - stricken - by all the lies.

Time to come clean

Crash the scene

Make for a good ending

Clinging to a dream -

Jacked -

Decayed brown from green

Sinister trickery; Bled-out treachery..,

A tragedy - Now growing obscene.

Try and go deep..,

With too much faith, must seem fake;

Escaping the humdrum; Going Comfortably Numb -

Just brings more sleep -

Pray the lord my soul to keep -

While stalking Little Bo Beep

Hungry to get some

Beat the heat

Kibble and bits - nothing but crumbs.

But it'll all get better tomorrow

All the preachers’ prayers say so

Instead to reap what is sold

Lost in heavy-scented smoke and day-glo;

Mesmerized - Hypnotized - Industrialized..,

Banging out a suspicious tempo -

Emphasized - laid down on top of below.

History teaches different

Shape-shifting intent molds the content

Laying it down like heaven sent

Leading to confused judgment

Twisted, Bent..,

And sociopath commitment.

Time to go beyond the song

Before it all went wrong..,

Before self-control - leaving only heart and soul;

Time none remember

But everyone recalls

Then consoled - Remote controlled;

Lost in space to a forgotten black hole..,

Crime and punishment

The rhythm of rhyme

Breaking down testament

Finding prime outside of time..,

Now to know

Freed from sorrow;

Remember when yesterday

Was still tomorrow?


© 2021 Leroy Madness