Spellbound the Clown with the painted frown
Face turned inside and around
Standing on his head - glowing red
Sees the world upside down.

Eyes about to pop - ain’t gonna stop
Says he can see all, as long as he doesn’t fall
Even while spinning round and round
Blows his mind - chillingly profound
Too radical for rational
Way beyond three-dimensional
Just a hint will astound.

But how to share this reality
That most simply can’t see
Even as claims grow exceptional..,
Sympathy for authority -
Think it not logical but heretical and maybe even criminal
Where’s the money-back guarantee.

Red flagged - hits a snag - triggered hostilities
Could be deadly for grandma and grandpa
Or those with diabetes..,
Can’t be proven in a court of law with any certainty
Fearing a flaw - rather cling to their mediocrity.

But it’s the absurdity of humanity that defines clarity
Said so in Vanity sponsored by pseudo-majesty;
Caught up in the hypocrisy - lacking curiosity;
Decides the Clown should be charged with full responsibility -
Gas-lit accountability.

Backdown the Clown - frown turned upside and around
No longer funny - doin' it for the money -
Stands on his toes and bounces balls off his nose
Tries to keep em from hitting the ground -
Tears comes close - needs another dose -
His purpose this time around..,
Clampdown, Breakdown, Bleed
Timed to an approved Casio triggered backbeat
Ecstacy to apathy - Tranquility to tragedy
Official yet whimsical
And with certainty..,
Get too damn big.


2023 Leroy Madness