she's such a doll




I was lost; but now it’s found

Thought I had it; turned around, it was gone..,

Feeling betrayed; feeling confused..,

Watched it away on a Princess Luxury Cruise.

Self-pity; indulgence.., sinking so low;

Engaging phantom surrogates; shits about to blow.

But I was not betrayed by Love; just misplaced trust;

Foolish, yes, but my intent was just.

Like scrambling for it all; just before last call..,

Need to be weary of lighting and the cost of alcohol.

Fearing loneliness - a daunting and dreadful fate;

Don’t want to grow old with no one to irritate;

That’s the treasure of treasures

Searching time and space;

Desperate to find someone to serve

As one’s true Soul mate..,

I remember the first time I saw her; Oh such beauty and class.

She was unique, a one of a kind; was tatooed right on the ass.

Inter-changeable head, to be admired and desired;

Held Kama Sutra positions for hours, and never ever tired.

I remember the add read;

"Cynthia the inflatable lover, Comes alive with suction mouth,

Vibrator and lifetime guarantee."

Just seeing that seductive photograph I could tell;

Cynthia for three-hundred bucks.., was the one for me.

My ex had told me, to "get a life"..,

So I got me; direct from the warehouse; a freshly painted,

Perfect Ten.., Silicone Wife.

Came for the taboo; stayed for the love..,

With a choice of features, I clicked all-the-above.

With nothing left to choose, the credit card was refused,

The ex had maxed it on a Puerto Vallarta Cruise.

Coupon expired;

Desire denied;

Freakout fever rising; searching the classifieds;

“Used but not abused”.., even at a severe discount..,

Cannot, reasonably, be justified.

Worried this product I would never see.

Ditched the card for cash, and..,

Finally came the day..,

A ring of the bell, a knock on the door;

And there was Cynthia, C.O.D.

Discreetly packaged, came as advertised;

Youthful sculpted face, red lips and brown eyes.

Trademark expression with streaked auburn hair..,

Jealousy abounds; people couldn’t help but stare.

Vibrating inflatable love grip pleasure hand;

A Saturday Night Special; almost more than I could stand.

But soon this beautiful romance came to an end;

How it happened I'll never forget.

I was checking to see if her suction mouth could smoke a cigarette.

Cynthia exploded in the instant; the flash nearly made me blind.

And to add more pain to suffering; the warranty I could not find.

So now alone; Clinging to righteous despair;

And so it is.., Shit just ain’t fair.

But here we learn;

Love exceeds the value of all wealth

And cigarettes.., are bad for the health.


© 1982 by Steve McNuttin