The smoke burns the eyes

But they say the fire will keep away the flies

It’s a trade-off - lesser of two evils - a compromise.

Wickedly feeble - scarcely legal

Couldn’t/Wouldn’t come up with something otherwise.

All other options will not be well-received ..,

Through broadcast lies - the hidden truth

Unreleased will deafen the cries.

But the fire does keep away the flies..,

Argues the patriotic pundit with scripted rhetoric

And nobody want to hear the cries

Better to despise the fucking flies..,

At least that’s what they say

As they promise a better day

With no change realized

Sounds strange but none to criticize

Law of Attraction through subtraction

Visualize and the shit will just materialize

Dreams dramatized -

Discreetly monopolized - the sinister sympathized..,

Cause - after all - it’s no lie - the fire burning out of

Control - all around to the ground feeding a greedy bankroll

Does keep away the goddamn “Fucking Flies”.


© 2023 Leroy Madness