Staring shy at the star-filled sky..,

Just a lie

The typical tease - A trojan disease;

More hype with vacant delight..,

As the real show - down below

Will fuckin blind your sight.

Freaking high on the down low;

Never to forget - but to repeat

Panama Joe and his fortune-telling crow

Predicted to expose the cheat.

Feel it in the air; comin down with heat

Those in the know - know -

Lies die fast out on the street.

So it was;

Fat Freddy who was into feet

Busted sucking on toes

Cowered in defeat

Was responsible for this nonsense

Got beaten and knocked-out senseless

But he did rape the mistress


creeping on pink meat gonna be sweet

Spiked her drink – made her defenseless.

But he says he paid her well

More than enough not to tell

Bout all that went down

From city to town

What it all really meant

When month after month he paid the rent

The message that was sent

Then recused - his advances refused;

What was he to do ..,

But what about the wife

What can she tell - what does she know

About Fat Freddy “hanging with that podiatric ho!”

But she’s trippin' - drownin' in cheap bordeaux -

Desperately clinging to memories of the afterglow -

Promises she “don’t know nothing outside the show.”

But that’s a lie – been seen with other guys

Sucks dick and cries; once loved now despised..,

Chronically traumatized - compromised only to tranquilize.

But come to realize;

No longer mesmerized - Bitch got wise;

Time to recognize - Time to demonize..,

Cause once exposed now everyone knows

Absolute and complete - never obsolete

The shit, it's going to blow;

Knock, knock - trick or treat

Instant distress; made for obsess..,

Those in the know - know -

Lies die fast.., out on the street.


© 2020 Leroy Madness