Where's the Beat

Where's the Beat

Beg, bleed and borrow

Chasing yesterday's shadow

Need to bring the heat.

Need to get lit - blister the feet -

Testify before all.., Windfall with every syllable

Gonna blast it all up and down the street.

The Beggar's Beat -

Gonna be the shit

Dropping Tomorrow..,

While Today be sick - sleepin rough;

Desperate for a touch of Love..,

Hits the knees - throws a fit -

Screaming nonsense at the sky above

About too much misery to ever dispose of..,

But the dope went bad

Never any good; downright rude;

Always sad - Must be mad -

Lost all that's had..,

To be drownin in satan's blood

Old testament - The great flood.


Where's the Beat

Where's the Beat

Splattered all down the street

Comin up from the underground

Blown away by the sights and sound

Too much for an old junkie to understand

Tweekin - Freeekin - a violent demand.

Bout to snap - fall for the trap;

Relapse - just might collapse

On hands and knees - diseased..,

Need to find a place for this to pass.


Quit the fight - blend into and out of sight.

A darkened corner, a backstreet alley

Bed and bath in one - gonna have some fun -

Double-up love and one-eyed Sally.

But it comes undone

Chest went tight - red light -

Overdosed - pale white - under a midnight sun.


© 2020 Leroy Madness