Reaching out beyond the light

Seeing shit that’s out of sight

But they say it ain’t right..,

Not so true

Not real the surreal

Haven’t got a clue.

Lost to the dark of night

Blindly begging for a debut - the spotlight -

Lookin for an invite; something to steal..,

Something shiny - something bright.

As insight becomes overly complicated

Anticipated, impregnated, exhaustively debated

Savagely destroyed by the wit of our own words -

Curbed by the absurd; Oversight becomes inflated;

Dreams to be repealed – Upheld on appeal –

Thoughts perturbed - Harmony vacated.

Sam spins the Big Wheel looking for something "real"

Something he doesn't have to feel

Get in the way of everyday affair

Don't want to understand - Don’t want to think..,

A full bottle of pills.., and another drink.

But then to give up life

Not just once.., but again and again

Escape this nonsense

The Lies – The Cries

Always to deprive - Nothing to depend.

He dies - not across the Great Divide

No heavenly flight - No UtraBrite

Only more mundane strife

Most times with another job

And another wife.

Usually different but always the same

Recycled brain - goes by another name

One he could no longer afford -

Got too damn bored..,

Chasing his ass - Norditrack rash

Just hoping to be adored.

Forced to repeat without shame - without acclaim

Hides himself away; promises to obey

On hands and knees begging for someway -

Someday.., something even swell

And please god – for god’s sake - don’t send me to hell.

Hangs himself only to quantum leap onto another heap

Dirty laundry and smelly feet..,

Got confused - needs a new rule

And went where you can die


And then come back too!

Like having to repeat in school

Shit becomes so much clearer even for a fool.

Reincarnation sweeping the nation -

Like a Dr. Who regeneration -

Kill yourself here and hope for a better station

At a different address - On a different street

Go all-in on another creation

Just switch and repeat.

Till he finds himself going nowhere fast

Cause this ride never ends – it is going to last

Complete with all the misery - all the deceit..,

Burdened by past trash - no relief.

And as they say

Where you go; There you are..,

Not so cliché – not so bizarre.

Free your mind – doesn’t cost a dime

Can happen at any time.., enlightening.., sublime.

Dump the trash of the past -

No longer to harass..,

Need to focus with intensity -

With integrity -

When playing with extra-sensory

It's all about the Energy.


© 2020 Leroy Madness