Eyes in the vaseline

Blurred reality clean to the extreme

Gimmicky hypocrisy - Patent philosophy

Petroleum asylum funded by the obscene.

Eyes in the vaseline

White light flash in opaque crystalline

Blinded by the avant-garde

Way behind the vanguard..,

Or van guard - cause -

Someone’s shit be missing

Catching a motherfucker off-guard -

Where’s the body guard

Found lost to the absurd -

Now can’t even explain the ending.

Eyes in the vaseline

Jumpin in the midst of Love Supreme

Thinkin it all just routine

Finds goin too deep can be hazardous

But judgment served don’t mean a thing

Makin it all that much more suspicious

Greenscreen benzene - been seen

While Truth remains unseen

Leaving em all dizzy, sickly and ambitious

Shit growing infectious – now on-sale as nutritious.

Eyes in the vaseline

Confused by the widescreen smokescreen

And everything in between

As day grows dark

Seriously delirious

Nighttime demons set to embark

Troubled thought turns to dreadful dream

The fatal finale - always been foreseen

While yellowed stains of sweat become hallmark

The mind sets to question that last remark.

Eyes in the vaseline

Sinful without irony

Blurred reality clean to the extreme

Everybody be pretending

Junked-up on caffeine, nicotine

And derivatives of processed morphine

Clinging to dreams of; money-back guarantees -

Delights in masterbating -

Or - at least - a comfortable ending.

© 2021 Leroy Madness