Wizard of fear about to appear
So things getting weird..,
Black box noise harmonizes and destroys
Infecting-thru vibrating sex toys.
As the financier becomes revered -
The begging profiteer..,
Sinister creature - depending on features
Now on sale
Now sold
So.., Got to get bold; or just grow old.


Denied by rapture - dreams lost to the last chapter
Where structure and intent become fractured
Only to be captured, beaten and doped
Lessons from limbo
How low can you go
Now got a problem with cash flow
Sound nears then disappears -
Triggered by seizure
Speech slowed
Like havin' an episode
Then it all becomes a blur
Missing payload funds the massacre
Justification not so clear.

Manufactured to unload on the download
Integrity shadowed - nonsense to incur
Thanks to the convicted saboteur
Didnt go the way theyd prefer.
But the news comes in slow - most will never know
Like you havent a choice
Like you havent a voice
But you know it aint no big thing
Something to avoid - like the unemployed
When you consider recent UFO sightings.

Could be frightening - for the xenophobic;
Hypnotic for the spasmodic filled with a derivative narcotic;
Absolutely chaotic for the neurotic
And erotic for the exotic.
Rhetorically tame - hide the chronic -
But not lame
Just enough to avoid any more shame
But how you suppose to beat the game.

The faithful become incredulous and incestuous
Without evidence the case becomes tenuous
Absolutely ridiculous - sold as precious
But it becomes too expensive
Even for the most sensitive
With no place left to live
But they were taught to forgive
Getting paid on the never, never
Rewarded whenever
But it s got to get better and better
Till it all becomes incomprehensive.


© 2022 Leroy Madness