Kelly was walking down the street
Didn’t have enough to eat
Nowhere to sleep
Haunted by defeat; steady feeling the creep.

Wasn’t supposed to be like this,
Opportunities missed;
Stuck cleaning up vomit and piss.

Must be for a good cause;
Cause otherwise it would give pause;
Have to reconsider.., look for flaws.

All this shit can be so sad.
Painted as deadbeat mad;
Sold-out soul; make anyone look bad.

But anyone won’t feel the shame;
Kelly still dodging the blame..,
Leaving redemption coming-up lame.

Talking about..,

Unforgiven sin;
Justified with the usual spin;
Trapped like a disease buried within.





Looking for The Answer;
Without asking The Question.
Stress feeding The Cancer;
Hopeless without Truth and Consequence;
Without Confession.


Don’t want to see
Don’t want to recognize
“What will they say about me?”
Will they understand; will they sympathize.

Or sit in judgment.., in damnation;
Exposed for all to see.
Bad breath and constipation;
So hit the knees and surrender a desperate plea..,

Of course..,

Won’t do any good;
Poisons the food.
Tarnished by its touch;
Leaving all lewd, crude and rude..,
Insufferable and with an attitude.


And when the Zanies and Meth can no longer save;
Everybody just got to learn to behave.
Leave enough of what we all crave.
And it be like heaven in hell..,
At least for a couple of days.

Couple of days; couple of nights;
Then it’s like before; giving us the frights.
Becoming impossible to ignore; getting us all
Screaming for our constitutional rights.

And other shit that won’t address the blame – the shame
Going downhill; worse than the same.., out goes the flame.
Lost in the dark; feeling abused and confused; going insane;
Desperate for a hint of reality to reduce, deduce..,
And reclaim;
Take aim and explain;
What is.., in a name?

Cause nobody is pure
That’s for sure;
Turning a divine comedy
Into a blockbuster tragedy;
Time to change the strategy;
End the cycle; search for the truth; praying for a remedy..,
Leaving nobody left to blame.., gone is the shame..,
Redeemed and freed from jeopardy.
The emptiness of fortune and fame always b
eats the game.