A rational decision

In an irrational world

Is perceived

As irrational;

And irrational

As a rational decision;

And the fools and tools

Introduce the doubt

Leaving people wondering

What the fuck it’s all about

Moral ambiguity

Hypocritical gratuity

Community under scrutiny

But it makes for a good story

All horrific and gory

Disguised as glory

Criminal ignorance -


People stuck - starving for air

Step outside - they wouldn’t dare

Time without parole

The madness takes its toll

Hiding in wished-up bubbles

Wet your lips and blow.

Ready to pop

Stock Market drops

Check it on the flip flop

What’s it all about

When’s it going to stop..,

Enter the lynch mob

With cries full of lies

Programmed into their heads


Slip to nonsense instead

Till everybody turns up dead.

Bled-out inside out

Rises up to shout

Beaten down by a -


Motherfuckers you paid for

To keep you secure

On hindsight

You’re now not so sure..,

What’s it all about?


© 2021 Leroy Madness